Food from the Heart

Food from the Heart Will Capture Yours!

Author:  Linda Lee

Subtitled, "Recipes & Remembrances of Family and Friends," this unique book is more than a collection of 150 sensational recipes -- it's a terrific read!  Featuring a series of heartwarming anecdotes that will make you laugh -- and cry -- it will inspire you to run to the kitchen to prepare a special meal for your loved ones.  Packaged in a vivid 4-color cover and imprinted spiral binder, the book is a collector's gem.  In addition to the heirlooms handed down through four generations of the author's family, Food from the Heart is sprinkled with original Italian, Southern, Cajun, Portuguese, New England and Caribbean recipes collected during her travels.  Each recipe is introduced with interesting tidbits about the origin and/or uniqueness of the dish.  Try Coconut Fried Shrimp, Big Daddy's Beans & Rice, Chicken Under a Brick, Captain Mike's Lobster Casserole, Very Berry Cobbler, Cake of the Island and Nana's Black Walnut Cookies.  Written in a warm, whimsical style and emphasizing the importance of food as a means of connecting with others, Food from the Heart is a valuable addition to any cook's kitchen and a thoughtful gift -- order yours today!

Price:  $12.00

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